Games Free

Free games for mobile devices Android thanks to Google, that every day offers titles free of charge for all users to download them and enjoy them on mobile phones and tablets under your operating system are available to the public. It is, as always, titles that are normally paid at different rates, and that only during the day can be purchased fully free.

The first and most important is 'Monster Castle', a game of strategy and special resource management. In this title, as its name indicates, we have to create our own Castle full of rooms both for monsters to train them and create a huge army. The objective is that our Castle is better and our most solid defences, to create a formidable army and conquer both other castles of the game as of other real players.

The second is 'Snack Truck Fever', which despite not being so well known is nothing more and nothing less than a creation of Square Enix. As players, we will have a truck of fast food that we have to manage to keep our customers satisfied. As we advance in the game, unlock new foods and recipes that we will have to appeal to everyone and get more customers.

In other Xbox news, it was recently revealed that favorite games now playable in the Xbox One streaming to the HoloLens Microsoft, according to a report by PC World.
It was confirmed that augmented reality team supports the streaming of Xbox One when Varun peanut Program Manager submitted a video to YouTube showing that it can be. The Executive sees playing Halo 5: Guardians - first on your television and then on the wall, designed by its HoloLens.
The Xbox One streaming to device can not play games actually increased from 360 degrees, which would be a great way to play. The device allows projecting the screen against the player, as if the user were facing a real television.

Probably at a lower resolution and fidelity, but is a convenient tool in any way. While sacrificing a bit of quality, the ability of streaming in the HoloLens means that gamers will be more flexible and be played where is there is a WiFi signal.
Do you want to play your favorite game on the HoloLens or loss of quality is not worth? Look at it for yourself in the video of peanut under.
Free games

Microsoft has already made public, as each month, games that from 1 December will enjoy free users on a Xbox Live Gold account to consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In particular it is five games including the well-known and some have some titles to another indie gem.
Emepzamos which will be available on December 1. The first is The incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, a title for Xbox One where we will get on the skin of the famous Vampire Slayer eager to break hordes, one behind another, monsters in our battle with Dracula. Action without stopping in a title that will be available for free download until December 31. The other which will be available on December 1 is the CastleStorm a known title of strategy in which we need to build a fortress to resist the siege of armies enemies bent on breaking our defences. This, in turn, can be downloaded until January 15, 2016.
We already passed to where you can download 16-December 31, with three titles from heavy and the solera. We speak first of Thief, the stealth action game that puts us in the shoes of Garrett, a master of the theft that is engaged on a history of treachery, political interests and dark intentions in an environment that gives us a thousand and one possibilities of exploiting our abilities to overcome the different screens.
On the other hand, will be available also Sacred 3. The third installment of this popular series of role we once again the possibility of creating a hero or heroine who will take on the hordes of evil in a fantasy world full of characters and missions to complete with an exciting main story.
Finally went to military action more tactics with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will allow users get into the uniform of a unit's assault on elite with which we collaborate, both alone and with friends, to complete the most risky missions.