Ps3 emulator Free

Today we show a method by which you can buy games for the PlayStation 3. Along with our program which is called PS3 emulator will be able to purchase games for this console free. Modarea a PlayStation 3 depending on the model and date of manufacture (which can be approximated from the Date Code on beneath the console) and distinguish these modari available:

1. Change with custom firmware for consoles manufactured with a maximum of 1 A Date Code produced by the beginning of 2011.
2. Change with ODE (optical disk emulator) for all consoles.
ps3 emulator
1. Change with custom firmware
Modarea with cusotm involves modifying OS firmware console. Maximum firmware 3.55 consoles that can be easy fashion using a USB stick.
Those with firmware version 3.55 and higher maximum data 1A code requires firmware downgrade to 3.55 and finally fashion. 3.55 conformable version is the latest version, which is known private security keys. Downgradeul console and rewriting involves the dissolution of memory on the motherboard with a programmer to version 3.55.
This allows the use of modare internal hard drive or an external backp sites on FAT formatted USB if updates can be made at 32 games on PSN. To launch backp sites is typically used multiMan manager.

2. Change with ODE
Change with ODE involves installing a Blu-ray emulator between Blu-ray and console, console running official firmware. Because it does not change the console firmware can not use the console's internal hard drive. It takes a USB external hard drive that connects to the ODE.
External hard drive will make back-ups of ISO images, ISO images that ODE_ul will mount disk instead of launching the console backapp sites, about how it works Daemon Tools on your PC.

ISO images can be created from files backp sites using specific tools each every ODE (3k3y Iso tools, Cobra ODE - GenPs3ISO). To enter the PSN ISO images must contain all the information on the disc. For this create ISO images needed for IRD files, files containing information about The content of the disc.

ODE's for Playstation 3 to 2 modes, modull the pass-through mode emulator read the original disks and load the ISO image. With both modes can access the PSN / SEN.
Change with ODE is more expensive than modare due emulator with custom firmware.
From firmware 4.55 on the Playstation 3 super slim modding with ODE requires a BluRay disc (disc swap) containing the list of game on the external hard disk to be able to start games. Every time you start one game put first original disc, select the game then put swap disk manager to start the game. Swap disk (BluRay) must be rewritten every time you add new games on external hard. This that you must use our program if why on PS3 emulator to be used as long as you purchase the game. Ps3 emulator does not contain viruses or other applications to malfunction device why it works 100%.